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Athens Area Schools Sinking Fund


East Leroy, MI


Tower Pinkster




Approx. $2.5 million

Project Description

In June 2015, Athens Area Schools awarded a 5-year contract for construction management services to Frederick Construction. This project includes improvements to multiple buildings including roof repair, concrete flooring, VCT and carpet installation, domestic water and restroom renovations, exterior concrete, ACM abatement and high school stadium press box and grandstand bleacher renovations. In August 2020, Frederick Construction completed all interior and exterior renovations.

East Leroy Elementary: 

  • Removed and replaced approximately 30,000 square feet of roofing.
  • Removed and replaced 13,000 square feet of classroom flooring.
  • Removed the existing corridor flooring and installed a Polished floor system.

Athens Middle / High School:

  • Removed and replaced approximately 13,000 square feet of existing roofing.


New project renovations will include middle school abatement, fire alarm and exterior & interior improvements and elementary HVAC improvements.

from the client

Frederick Construction is an outstanding company I give my highest recommendation. They are a collection of caring and dedicated individuals that anyone would be fortunate with which to work and know. They act on the philosophy that by taking care of people today there will be a relationship that lasts a lifetime. Having entered a third decade working with them I can attest to the validity of that idea.”

Joseph Huepenbecker
Athens Area Schools