Our Work

Custom Metal Fabrication Division of R.W. LaPine, Inc.


Kalamazoo, MI


Howard Overbeek


Completed 2020


$2.1 million

Project Description

Frederick Construction worked closely with the owner, architect and consultants to take this vision for Custom Metal Fabrication Division of R.W. LaPine, Inc. from concept to completion. The new, 26,230-square-foot pre-engineered building is designed with 8″ concrete floors to support the industrial fabrication of metals. Insulation with a simple saver facing the roof and wall provides enhanced energy efficiency and a clean overall appearance. It has a masonry wainscot on the exterior and 3,600 square feet of well-appointed office space. The project also involved the installation of three 30′ span X 185′ runway cranes. The building has a large electrical service due to the amount of fabrication equipment that will be moved upon completion. Between Frederick Construction, the owner and the electrical contractor, the underground coordination was extensive to ensure service locations were precise to avoid tripping hazards once production was up and running. This project’s start was impacted by the COVID-19 shutdowns in March but was completed on time for the Owner to be fabricating in December as planned. The LaPine project was constructed in 6 months, a remarkable feat given the challenges COVID-19 brought to the world in the spring of 2020. 

From the Client

“Frederick Construction could not have made our building process any easier. They were always available at a moment’s notice, thought through and brought to my attention all options, and the pros and cons, so I could make an informed decision… I can’t say enough how impressed I was that they didn’t have to re-adjust their schedule [with my tight timeline]. If you select Frederick Construction to construct a project for you, you will not be disappointed.”

Kirk LaPine
Custom Metal Fabrication Division of R.W. LaPine, Inc.